Home sellers preparing your home for the market tips - Mandeville

Home sellers preparing your home for the market tips — Mandeville

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Just wanted to take a moment and share with you some local home selling tips for you sellers out there that are preparing your home to hit the market. Now, of course, this is my opinion. I will say this though, I work with hundreds of buyers so what I am saying is based off of what buyers want, not what I want. Here are a few questions my sellers have when listing their home.

1. My walls are dirty and I have not painted them in 8 years. Should I paint the walls?

The answer to this can go two different ways. Can the dirt on the walls be wiped clean? If not then yes, you should repaint the walls or touch them up. A $25 bucket of paint will go a long way when it comes to refreshing the home. Buyers do indeed look at this.

2. My carpet is dirty. Should I have them professionally cleaned or allow for a carpet allowance.

Again, it will depend on the condition of the carpets. If you think you can get them cleaned nicely just by having a professional come in then, yes, have the carpets cleaned only. In regards of a carpet allowance, I'm not a big fan. I believe having them replaced, if necessary, beforehand will be more attractive to buyers and allow for a quicker sale.

3. My bathroom has wall paper. Should I change it?

Absolutely! Buyers hate wall paper. It's proven time and time again. Take it out and retexture walls. No matter what others may say, do this and I promise better feedback on the sale of your home.

4. It’s winter time and all my plants are dead. What should I do?

You should definitely remember that curb appeal does count. You want to make sure to tidy up the front garden. Trim bushes, weed the garden, and lay new mulch. Three easy and inexpensive must does.

If you or anyone you know have questions about if your home is MARKET READY, please give me a ring today 985-727-7154

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